Respecting customers’ cultures important business practice

One of the basic prerequisites to successful entrepreneurship is the ability to relate well with customers regardless of their gender, age, color, tribe, and education, political or religious affiliations.
This means that every business person needs to learn how to be accommodative of other people’s lifestyle without showing favoritism or prejudice.
The fact that our world has become a global village owing to advancement in communication technology demands, more than ever before, that we become cautions and respectful of other people’s way of life.
We are doing everything possible to market our country as preferred tourist destination. As a result, there are many foreigners in our nation, on tourism and other trade related activities.
Most of us would equally want to visit other countries for varied reasons. Understanding the cultures of the people you will interact with therefore becomes a pivotal rapport on which interaction is founded.

The more you understand and respect other people’s cultures, the more the chances of doing business with them since you will be able understand their needs and wants, an important key to business success.
Culture is a set of customs, beliefs and social attitudes that characterize a particular group of people.
There are several things you should consider in order to develop or improve cross cultural relationships.
To begin with, you need to focus on similarities rather than differences. Most of the people, regardless of their culture, want the same things in life. Everyone wants to be esteemed and treated fairly.
Secondly, you need to try to understand and identify with other people’s feelings. Culture always acts as a symbol of a certain tribe or nation.
Often times, it is possible to tell someone’s cultural background just by looking at their physical appearance, dressing or even the language they speak.
Try therefore, to see world through the eyes of the people you are dealing with. Always try to understand cultural views that are different from your own.
You also need to learn about different cultures. This will help you identify their likes and dislikes to enable you be at ease when interacting with them.

The 3 Ways Respecting Your Team Builds Your Business

  When customers engage with your company and team members, they leave with an impression of what your business stands for and what its values are. If their impression is good, the leave with your product or service, too.

That important impression is created by how your team members treat customers and each other. If they treat others with respect and dignity, the impression is a positive one.

The greatest influence on a team member's willingness to embrace desired values and behaviors is company leaders modeling those values, coaching those values and celebrating those values in others. Leaders must be positive role models and "champions" of the values and behaviors they want lived in their company's culture.

There are three primary ways company values, embraced and lived by leaders and team members daily, build your business.

1. Employees who are trusted and respected treat each other and the company's customers with trust and respect.

2. You differentiate your business from the competition when you values are demonstrated routinely.

3. A safe and inspiring work environment enables all team members to apply their knowledge and skills towards company goals, products and services, and customers.