Persepolis Football Club Goes to the North Pole

  The management team, authorities and the football players of Persepolis (Iranian Premier League) were the guests of Branko Ivankovic, the football manager of Persepolis, for the lunch party on May 9,2017.

A kind of wonderful ev,ent happened in the winner party which was the celebration of beating Al Wahda Football team on May 8, 2017.

Dr. Taheri (the chairman), Branko Ivankovic, Mohammad Panjali, and Mahmoud Khordbin granted the flag of Persepolis F.C. to Dr. Naseri (the innovator of the adventurer manager idea) to take the flag to the North Pole.

The flag of Iranian Premier League will be taken to the North Pole on September 2017.

The managers from all around the world are going to attend the management workshop and conference with the influential techniques of the adventurer manager in the mentioned business tour, and also they participate in the spiritual nutrition workshops and recover their minds in the North Pole.

It is remarkable to note that the first business conference in the North Pole is going to be recorded in the Guinness World Records.

In addition to the flag of Persepolis team, the flag of Manchester United team will be raised in the North Pole as the representative of international football team.

Dr. Hossein Naseri will do some social responsibility and environment preservation activities including global warming, melting glaciers, water crisis, etc. in the North Pole as well.


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