Adventurer Manager Team at Shizer Canyon

The amazing canyon and valley named Shizer was the destination of the adventurer manager team in Ordibehesh 1396.

The rhythm of water sound of the river and waterfall can be heard in the silence there, and the wind moves tree leaves with the reflection of sunlight and touches our faces.

The rocks which surround us from the both sides remind us the profession of the creator of the nature.

These beautiful scenes are not located in the abroad but in western Iran and it attracts the tourists.

Now we are in the way of Lorestan province to show you a place which is like a lost heaven.

The Iranian adventurers in the form of the adventurer manager team had an expedition to Shizer Canyon through an amazing and magical path.

Dr. Hossein Naseri, the innovator of the adventurer manager idea, appreciated the team by granting them a certificate of appreciation.

 The next adventuring program of the team is skydiving at 15000 feet at Ziba Kenar in Ordibehesht.

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