Risk Management

What is Risk Management?

Risk is part of all our lives. As a society, we need to take risks to grow and develop. Effectively managed risks help societies achieve more. In our fast paced world, the risks we have to manage evolve quickly. We need to make sure we manage risks so that we minimize their threats and maximize their potential.


adventurer manager says Risk management involves understanding, analyzing and addressing risk to make sure organizations achieve their objectives. So it must be proportionate to the complexity and type of organization involved. Enterprise risk management (ERM) is an integrated and joined up approach to managing risk across an organization and its extended networks.


Because risk is inherent in everything we do, the type of roles undertaken by risk professionals are incredibly diverse. They include roles in insurance, business continuity, health and safety, corporate governance, engineering, planning and financial services.


IRM’s mission is to build excellence in risk management, in all sectors and across the world.

How Do Investors Measure Risk?

Investors use a variety of tactics to ascertain risk. In some cases, they look at the average return of an investment, and they find its average standard deviation over the same time period. Then, they apply a bell curve to that number, which dictates that the expected return of the investment is likely to be one standard deviation from the average two-thirds of the time and two standard deviations from the average deviation 95% of the time. This helps investors evaluate risk numerically. If they believe that they can tolerate the risk, financially and emotionally, they invest.


What Is Enterprise Risk Management?

Enterprise risk management (ERM) encompasses all kinds of risks throughout an organization, and it creates plans for managing that risk. Industries such as aviation, construction, public health, international development, banking, finance and insurance utilize ERM. People who work with ERM focus on assessing the risks relevant to their companies or industries, prioritizing those risks, and making informed decisions to mitigate them.

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