Self management

Have you ever tried to change your life style? Maybe exercise regularly or eat better with everything going on in our daily life it can be hard for any of us obstacles like financial worries, lack of transportation and stressful works can make it hard to make a change. Management is not just for managers, just as leadership is not just for leaders. We all manage, and we all lead; these are not actions reserved for only those people who happen to hold these “positions” in a company. I personally think of management and leadership as callings, and we all get these callings to manage and lead at different times, and to different degrees.

Self-managed teams are the way that many publicly respected organizations are achieving financial success and brand loyalty today.

Having a team that is able to manage its self in terms of productivity, quality, innovation, customer service and profitability adds enormous bottom line value to any business.

Which is why despite these types of teams taking a long time to establish and needing business owner and management support for them to succeed, they are the latest trend in human resources strategies.

Creating a self-managed team is not simply a matter of putting a bunch of highly talented and competent people together in a room and expecting them to “gel”. They need to be given responsibilities, goals, targets, parameters, milestones, deadlines, authority, accountabilities, rewards and consequences.

This may sound like a lot of hand-holding, and a lot of time for you to invest in a group of people you pays to get work done. However, the benefits to you personally as the business owner and to your business, at the end of the day, are substantial.

There is only one problem. When you focus your attention on factors outside your control, you are by definition powerless. If you want to be powerful, then you need to focus on the one factor you can always control: You.

Focus on controlling you. You cannot ignore all those outside factors that define the context of your situation. But you can control what you can do within the context of your job and work situation.

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