Self management

Have you ever tried to change your life style? Maybe exercise regularly or eat better with everything going on in our daily life it can be hard for any of us obstacles like financial worries, lack of transportation and stressful works can make it har

‎ Receiving European Union Brand Reputation Award for the Second Time

Vienna was a host to 40 Iranian and European companies on February 17,2017

The Great B2B Meetings in Vienna, Austria

(The top and the best B2B meetings have been held in Austria ( Vienna

Adventurer manager "on "Formool Yek" TV Program" (video)

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Adventurer manager "on "Formool Yek" TV Program"

Dr. Hossein Naseri discussed "adventurer manager" idea on live TV program "Forool Yek".

7day plan to stay productive

continue to day one to start being productive

The First Risk Management and Adventurer Manager Workshop In Iran

The above-mentioned workshop with the subject of “Risk Management” will be presented by Dr. Peter Sylvester and DR. Hossein Naseri at Samin International Group’s Salon.

Stress management

Everyone needs a little stress in their life to perform. Think of a musical instrument, without any tension it goes seriously off tune but too much stress or tension in the string could snap. It’s the same thing with our body.

Adventurer Manager