The effect of 5 senses on learning

Studies have shown that we rely heavily on our senses to process information when learning and engaging more than one sense when teaching can help information processing. Using multiple senses allows more cognitive connections and associations to be

break the wheels of monotony

less routines = more life

Putting Knowledge into Practice: From Knowing to Growing

The development activity transforms into useful learning only when we integrate it with what we already know and do... when we find a place for it to play out through our heads, hearts, and hands.

Respecting customers’ cultures important business practice

One of the basic prerequisites to successful entrepreneurship is the ability to relate well with customers regardless of their gender, age, color, tribe, and education, political or religious affiliations.

Five Ways to Show Customers You Care

Regularly communicating that you care about your customers' success strengthens your connection to them--and differentiates you from competitors who only reach out when they want to sell something.

Clock Time vs. Real Time

“Time management” is the process of organizing and planning how to divide your time between specific activities.

Importance of Time Management

.Time management is important for your personal life and career success. It teaches you how to manage your time effectively and make the most of it

change management

"Change" is a broad term, and it can apply to many things. Perhaps you're just moving to a new home or starting a new job, or something awful happens like a death in the family. These events may seem black and white, and not necessarily similar, but

crisis management

Crisis management is the application of strategies designed to help an organization deal with a sudden and significant negative event.

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