North Pole

Greenland will be an awesome destination for adventurers in the Arctic and it is known to be the largest island on the Earth. The amazing point which should be mentioned is that this island has the least density of population and the smallest capital in the world.The Arctic desert view and the distinguished nature the climate there have made this island a fabulous and unique area. Undoubtedly, there will be a specific and peculiar experience for the adventurous managers in this journey. This place is one the main routes from which the arctic travel starts.   


Norway is the wettest, the northest and indeed the eastest Scandinavian country which has become well-known due to its spectacular and extraordinary sceneries. Besides, the valleys, water falls, mountainous areas, coast lines, and weird islands are considered as tourist attractions in this place. Furthermore, this country, with a population of 5 million, is considered to be one of the least populated countries in the Europe. Norway is another route for the adventurers to reach the north pole and the visit of picturesque views there.    


Murmansk, is a city in the north west part of the Russia which is located in Kola Peninsula close to the arctic circle. it should be mentioned that this city has gained reputation as a beautiful area which its unique climate has doubled its attractiveness. The Murmansk route, is another way to go to the North pole and those adventurous managers who are interested in a journey to the arctic can experience a very exclusive travel through the Murmansk rout and the North pole ocean in a very luxurious ice-breaker. Finally, it must be said that regarding the climate conditions and the exact time to which the journey is due, one of the aforementioned routs will be selected.


The Eskimo are the native peoples who have traditionally inhabited the northern circumpolar region like Greenland and commonly names as “Inuit”. Since the Arctic is one of the coldest and most unforgiving environments on the Earth, Eskimo are forced to adapt to the harsh and cold surrounding to survive and these people adapted every aspect of their lifestyle such as shelters, food, etc.


The igloo is the place which Eskimo live in the winter and it is a dome-shaped and temporary shelter which is made of snow blocks. Eskimo and nomadic people who live in the coldest regions of the North Pole can build a normal size igloo in 30-20 minutes, and also the sleeping platforms in the igloo were made of ice blocks and covered by fur. An igloo is used for less heat loss by wind convection and just by a light, the temperature can raise to 5 ˚c.



In the Arctic, there are two main seasons but they are far from equal. A long, icy and dark winter lasting 9 months and a short, very cool summer lasting only 3 months.

Temperatures rise slightly in April with a minimum of - 16 ºc and maximum of - 9 ºc and the adventurers will therefore still need plenty of layers to enjoy the amazing activities such as skiing. 

In this scientific - training and adventurous tour, the participants will experience the magical Arctic winter. It is significant to note that from February, the days get brighter, before the sun takes over from mid-March and the sun rises thoroughly. Therefore, the first rays on sunlight makes it a perfect time to go dogsledding, venture into the Arctic wilderness on snowmobiles or go skiing.



Aurora is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful phenomena which occurs in the Earth’s atmosphere and can be seen in the high latitude near to the two geographic poles. In other words, the mentioned astonishing phenomena is a natural and moving light display in the sky which appears in night sky and is observable in the polar regions’ sky at day break.

The interaction of magnetic field and energetic electrically charged particles in the cold nights of the North Pole causes auroras (polar lights) which are like the astonishing show of lights playing in the Earth’s atmosphere. Tourists from all around the world travel to the North Pole, in order to visit the breathtaking polar lights. Certainly, one of the attractions of the North Pole adventuring tour is visiting the auroras.


Wildlife in North Pole

In this journey, the support of animal which are getting extinct has been into consideration. The Arctic has a wider variety of animal life than Antarctica. Many animals live at the North Pole, commonly referred to as the Arctic region, including Arctic foxes, polar bears, seals and beluga whales. Some animals live closer to the bottom of the Arctic region, like malamutes, while others live close to the physical the North Pole like polar bears, seals and whales.


Polar bears have evolved for a life on the sea ice, which they rely on for reaching their seal prey. But the Arctic Sea ice is rapidly diminishing due to the warming earth, affecting the entire arctic ecosystem. For polar bears, sea ice losses means: reduced access to food, lower cub survival rates, increase in drowning, loss of access to denning areas. If this situation continues, soon we will witness the extinct of another animal species and this time it happens in the North Pole.



In addition, to ice-worthiness of our travel, Samin with the help of the Red Cross and Expert Organizations will provide safety standards, training and equipment protocols which are of utmost importance and in many cases set the standards for the VIP and VVIP passengers.

Safety in THE North Pole

This plan provides guarantee coverage during the business trip for all participants in 5 stars and VIP Hotels.


Greenhouse Gases

The primary greenhouse gases are in the Earth`s atmosphere. Human activities have produced an increase in atmosphere concentration of carbon dioxide. It has been estimated that if greenhouse gas emissions continue at the present rate, the Earth`s surface temperature could exceed and melt Arctic ice which leads to warmer climates and drought.


Earth Day

A commitment to save the Planet Earth is our duty because of this Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22 on which we demonstrate support for environmental protection.


Global Warming

Mainly increasing concentration of greenhouse gasses, industrial activities and the effects of Global Warming in the Arctic include rising temperatures, loss of sea ice, and melting of the Greenland ice sheet.


Water Shortage

Water, as a natural and vital source, is considered a valuable commodity in economic and social development, population increase, electricity producing powerhouses. Ineffective agriculture, inaccurate management and the lack of planning are the factors involved in the growth of water shortage crisis. There are some efficient solutions composed of: energy efficiency growth, replacement of old power systems with consistent wind, solar systems and etc,.


The reasoning behind the mentioned items is that

those who bear responsibilities as the society role models are more effective in culturalizing more than other people. The expedition of the managers who have their own successes and big challenges in their lives can have a beneficial effect on the society and the audience.